About Us

Sals Capital provides premium quality office supplies that are not only functional but also practical; perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, and online freelancers with work-from-home setup.

Setting up your home office can be tough. You need to procure the right office supplies and accessories that can help you in your business. Our founder, an entrepreneur himself, has experienced this struggle. That is why he created Sals Capital, to take that burden away. Our top-quality products are very efficient and aids in your productivity without sacrificing your comfort. We focus on delivering your every home office needs, so that you can focus on growing your business.


About the Founder

I worked for a fortune 500 company as a finance and sales manager for almost 10 years. I was one of the top sales and marketing people in the department that I worked in and like most people, got canned during the early days of the pandemic. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and dreamed of one day helping other entrepreneurs and freelancers achieve their goals. Many business owners, freelancers and would-be entrepreneurs often give up on their dreams due to a lack of capital or not having the right office tools to help them. Sals Capital is here to change that.

– Salih Baity